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How Do You Drink Mead?

The short answer is – however you wish! There is no definitive answer and, like any alcohol, it’s all down to personal preference.

One thing we do know, is that it is fun discovering your personal favourite! However, we will point out that the ideas below are for our products only – different production methods and ingredients may require different ways of serving.

Please remember to drink responsibly.

Can you drink mead by the pint?

Possibly not if you are needing to drive the next day but if not… you can drink mead like a whisky or brandy in a tumbler– a wee tot at the end of the evening or a particularly nice meal.

You can drink mead like a port or sherry – a slightly bigger tot at the end of the evening or a particularly nice meal.

You can drink it in a wine glass throughout the evening like a nice bottle of wine – most go well with food.

You could even go full Viking and enjoy your mead from a drinking horn!

It really is up to you.

Our meads are a lot stronger than beer and even cider. The alcohol content of our meads are usually 14.5% ABV so it might be worth bearing that in mind the next time you have an empty pint glass in one hand and a bottle of our mead in the other !

Can you drink mead as it is?

Yes. Absolutely. Most people drink mead for the very first time by itself without any mixers.

It shares a few similar properties to wine in that some mead tastes better chilled whilst some should only really be served at room temperature.

Some can be put in the fridge, poured over ice or warmed through. However, our spiced mead DOES NOT like being cold – it needs to be room temperature or above.

They do quite like being served warm too – like a mulled wine! Just add a couple of cloves, warm the mead up but do not boil and before you sip it just inhale the sweet alcohol vapours from your cup – the fumes themselves could make you light-headed !

Can you mix mead with anything?

Within reason, yes! Mead is a very versatile drink. You can make it into a long drink by using soda or tonic water, ice and a slice. You can use lemonade, but it will add to the sweetness.

You can use it to make cocktails by mixing with cava or prosecco.

It also works quite well with a good cider or something fruity like chamboard or crème de cassis.

It is a difficult drink to spoil but an easy drink to drown out with other stronger flavours. We’ve tried a few mead cocktails ourselves where you can’t even tell there was any mead in the drink so experimentation is the key advice here.

If you’ve made a mead cocktail that you’d like to share with us then we’d love to hear about your ideas.