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Hand Made, Real Mead.

What does 'handmade' actually mean? There are many heated debates about this and there is no clear definition. Anyone who has been to a craft fayre will know, it can mean things that are just finished off by hand. Here at The Lancashire Mead Company, when we say 'handmade' we mean it is made by hand - our hands to be exact!

We use an industrial mixer to avoid drowning, a filter machine to remove the dead yeast particles (at 0.2 micron they cannot be seen by the human eye) and a bottle filler to ensure compliance with weights and measures legislation. EVERYTHING else is done by our own fair hands; preparation, fermentation, racking off, bottling, labelling and boxing.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • We are artisan mead producers making mead because we believe there is nothing like real mead;
  • We are trying to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible;
  • Space is tight - even after expanding we are restricted as to what types of machinery we can use;
  • A lot of machinery is geared towards the brewing of beer and wine so not suitable for our production methods;
  • We do not have the spare money to invest in expensive machinery right now;
  • But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, it means that the quality of every bottle we produce is checked at every stage, ensuring maximum Quality Control.

As you can see from the pictures below, we employ some interesting methods to get the job done! So, when you see a slightly wonky label - or a taster bottle with the label on upside down (because we were still labelling after midnight), you know it is literally handmade with the love and pride for REAL MEAD that you have come to expect from us.