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Cooking with Mead

There are many dishes than can be created with or enhanced by our mead

Below are just some of the ideas that the Meadmeister and Mrs Mead have come up with. We don't really do 'recipes' as such. We are more of 'what do we have in?' or 'What needs using up?' kinda cooks. This is why we have set up this page. Set your imagination free and see what you end up with! Post your Lancashire Mead Company mead, recipes, pictures and concoctions to our facebook page.

Remember, it can never be 'bad' when it has our mead in it!

  • The 'dark' meads are great for marinading meat. Reduce the mead in a pan with some onions, mushrooms and a bit of seasoning to make a delicious 'jus'.
  • The 'dark' meads are also great for soaking fruit for fruit cakes and even better for feeding the end result! Krampus is also good for this purpose and less heavy if you are using the fruit in a fruited sponge rather than a dark fruit cake.
  • Slosh some of any 'dark' mead into your spaghetti bolognaise or chilli to give it a nice, tangy 'lift'.
  • Use Krampus to marinade chicken if you want a lighter, slightly spicy result.
  • Any of the 'golden' meads will be great for adding into a stirfry. Gather up any leftovers or 'sorry for themselves' vegetables. Chop them thinly and chuck them into a large frying pan with a bit of butter and some seasoning. Pour over a glass of mead and add some freshly cooked pasta or rice and Voila!
  • All of our meads can be added to whipped cream to create a nice boozy addition to your desserts. They can also be added to your ice-cream making process. Alternatively, pour a little over your shop bought ice-cream!