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Our Philosophy

In line with our spiritual beliefs, we wanted to keep our Mead as natural as possible. This means, firstly, that the honey we use is raw, unpasteurised, and un-sterilised.

For the technically minded, throughout the process at our suppliers, the honey has never been heated above 44 degrees Celsius (112 Fahrenheit). It also means that throughout our process it has never been heated above 40 degrees Celsius.

Secondly, it means that there are no chemical additions throughout the whole process, with the exception of the Yeast Nutrients which are digested along with the sugars in the honey during fermentation. We do not use “fermentation stoppers” or “stabilisers”, the yeast naturally dies off and sediments without the aid of any finings (usually animal products like isinglass).

The final stage is to filter the mead to give a crystal clear finish, this is done by passing through sheet paper filters down to approximately 0.3 microns. This means our products are SULPHITE, GLUTEN, WHEAT, FISH AND DAIRY FREE as well as being SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS.

Each bottle is then filled, capped and labelled individually and manually. The process and final product is as handmade as is feasibly possible. We only use a hand-held paddle mixer, a pump/filter and a vacuum assisted bottling machine. We keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and do not use energy hungry fermentation temperature control equipment at all.  We have replaced all of the lighting in the meadery with energy efficient LED lights which use 75% less electricity than the units we had originally.

What you get from The Lancashire Mead Company is a mead made with the home brewers’ ethics, without the wait or potential failure.