Customer Notice

Our webshop is temporarily closed.  Our meads are available online via Wyrdraven (formerly Shieldmaiden) in Glastonbury.  Please visit their FB page to place an order.  Rest assured that this is only a temporary closure and once the Meadmeister is out of hospital and back on his feet, we will reopen the webshop and welcome you all with open arms.

Welcome to the Lancashire Mead Company

To find us as you have, you have become a traveller, a seeker. One who has been searching for a True Mead, just as I was back in 2008. Since then it has been a journey of discovery, of trial and of (occasionally) error. Now it seems we have found each other, through a quest for the Golden Nektar that is REAL MEAD. Have you been watching Game of Thrones or Vikings?  Well settle yourself down and wander through our amazing selection of REAL meads.

Free shipping on all orders over £100. Save at least £10.99 per order. Applies to UK mainland only.

Our Meads

Our meads are all made from the best honeys. No white wine bases and no added sugar (excluding the Molasses Recipes). We use ambient temperature fermentation processes, which keeps our carbon footprint low and gives each batch its uniqueness.